Canoe Hiking Bicycling Tour

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The Mikayelyans family is inviting you to come take part in their summer and winter tours in the northern part of the Shirak region of Armenia. You will enjoy the fresh air that comes with living in the mountains, surrounded by pristine nature, complimented by the fresh flavors of traditional Armenian cuisine. There are 3 types of tours on offer;

River/Canoe tour– For this tour we will visit one of the northern rivers of Armenia, starting from the banks of the Khornaq canyon.

Hiking tour– Hike to the Hovasar Mountain 3100m above sea level.   A small mountain lake will be the prize for reaching the peak. Overall, 30 km of terrain will be covered. Discover the clean air and breathtaking views of northern Armenia.

Bicycling tour- Bike to a majestic waterfall, a total of 70km away. Our biking tour will go through beautiful landscapes and deep canyons as well as many interesting villages. There are 3 different routes you can choose from, all varying in difficulty and surroundings.