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“How do you instill the talent of a craftsman in the next generation?
Gyumri Triangle Iron Smith Works was confronted with this problem. His father and his father’s father had taught their sons the craft of iron work — working with something solid, heavy and sturdy and making it useful. Human muscle pounding with a hammer plus the heat of fire they turned out beautiful and useful objects. But how do you pass this along to the next generation aware of stamping machines and mass production?
Well you can visit Triangle Works and appreciate how iron, stone, and wood can be tooled the “old way” and produce beauty. How a family business can be sustaining craftsmanship of tradition in a setting of today. Starting with the design of their wine cellar to the practicalities of the commercial kitchen that prepares your food, this remarkable complex allows you to appreciate craftsmanship with every look. Come and see the artistry completed and watch old world craftsmanship being practiced right now. “