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Universities and Academies

Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute – info

Progress University – info

Imastaser Anania Shirakatsi University – info

Gyumri Campus of State Engineering University of Armenia – info

Gyumri Campus of Armenian State University of Economics

Gyumri Campus of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory

Gyumri Campus of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts – info

Gyumri Campus of Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography – info

Gyumri Campus of European Regional Educational Academy

Gyumri Campus of Haybusak University of Yerevan – info



St. Seven Wounds church (date 1874-1886), located on the central square 1.

St. Nshan (Sign) church (date 1852-1856), located on Abovyan Str. 117.

St. Grigor Lusavorich church (date 19th century), located on Jivani Str. 62A.

Kumayri Basilica church (date 7th century), located in the botanical garden.

St. Sargis church (date 2008), located on Voske blour (Golden Hill).

St. Hripsime church (date 1991), located on F. Verfel square 5A.

St. Hakob Mtsbinetsi church (date 2002), located in the 58th district.