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Travelgyumri.com is Gyumri’s visitor bureau official website providing the most updated information on Gyumri and the Shirak region, transportation services, restaurants, hotels and tours. We have included restaurants and cafés that have service ratings and are known for their traditional, healthy and safe food. We have listed all of the hotels and museums operating in Gyumri. There is also a section for theaters and news where you can find the upcoming cultural events of Gyumri.

We believe that through tourism we can change the social economic statues of women who live in Gyumri and in particular in rural communities of Shirak province. The lives of young women from the northern Armenian province of Shirak are controlled by untouched traditions and strict social rules. Most of the population who live in the villages located to the north and south of the City of Gyumri is mainly engaged in agriculture. Over the years since the 1988 earthquake social and economic hardships have forced many men to leave Armenia in search of better-paying jobs. Women have to stay and take care of their children by themselves. In most cases, men never return back. The problem begins for most of them, when early marriages and rural lifestyles force them to start a complicated life deprived of achieving social and economic security. We have found that a majority of girls see themselves as household workers rather than individuals who can make a change or take the initiative.

During the winter, when the fields and mountains cannot provide a source of income, /as most of the women collect herbs to sell/ the situation for most families becomes even more desperate. Women have to cook, bake bread, weave carpets, make clay pots and honey, and if they are successful, they can make a little money. Therefore, we focuses on a vulnerable social group consisting of young women and girls, to help provide them with the tools for improving their social and economic welfare.

We offer you to spend time with local village families, be part of the unique cooking experience, learn about the traditions that they have kept alive and inspire them to change their own lives. This is where you will be able to taste real Armenian untouched traditions and enjoy great hospitality of these families.

With your support we will be able to:

  • Train women as leaders for their own community and family and turning their environment into profit base.
  • Produce a series of documentaries that highlight the resilience and resourcefulness of the women of the northern Shirak to provide the framework for developing and growing tourism in the area.
  • Develop rural tourism and provide social-economic tools for women by creating sustainable flow of income.

If you are interesting in being part of our preservation efforts to restore a historic building in Gyumri and be part of archeology project and travel in Armenia, we suggest joining our project that helps women from rural communities of Shirak. All of our unique cultural tours and experiences are help at a local village family, where exclusive hospitality and activating will help you get closer to the ancient Armenian culture. The project is organized by Adventures in Preservation. To find out more, click here.

The tour package section is created specifically for people who will be staying in Gyumri for more than 1 day. It includes descriptions of tours and price-lists of the hotels. It is an informative and a cultural itinerary that covers the history of Gyumri and the Shirak region.

In the section for everyday tours we are updating tours that can be ordered separately. All of the tours are very cultural and include visits to places that are not available to the public. We try to create a connection between foreigners and the local residents of villages and the city for better understanding the culture of this part of Armenia.

Our transportation

Travel Gyumri offers comfortable and high quality cars and minibuses. The cars are available for airport pickups and trips to any city in Armenia or Georgia.

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