Planning a trip to Gyumri

Air Passenger Service

The nearest airport to Gyumri is Shirak International Airport (IATA: LWN, ICAO: UDSG), located 7 km from the center of Gyumri. The airport has scheduled flights to and from Russia and Ukraine.

Tel: (+37410) 493 000

Fax: (+374) 312 409 58 

Zvartnots – For more about Armenia International Airport, visit their website.Zvartnots Airport




Gyumri is one of the best places for organizing an unforgettable conference. Many conferences are held in the Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life. This is one of the oldest buildings in Gyumri. It has a restaurant, a conference hall and the museum on the second floor.

Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life



Exchange your currency to Armenian drams at different banks.

ANELIK BANK – see mapanelik bank map

Shirak, Gyumri
Ankakhutyan Square 6

(374 10) 28 38 24
(374 312) 2 15 08, 3 20 26



UNIBANK – see mapunibank map

Shirak, Gyumri
A.Manukyan 3

(0312)  49012





There is a 24 hour pharmacy on Rizhkov Street (Kirov Street) and another on Abovyan Street just off the main square. Pharmacies can easily be found everywhere around the city.



Gyumri Medical Center is best for emergencies, though your lodging will know the closest hospital for tourists.



Fire – 101

Police – 102

Ambulance – 103

Telephone directory – 109

Airport info – 187

International Calls – 105

Calls within Armenia – 107

Railroad – 184

Airport – 187

Weather info – 186

Gas Service – 104