Tbilisi city in Georgia is only a few miles away

Visit Tbilisi, Georgia
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Due to Gyumri’s close proximity to the border of Georgia, we also offer tours around the city of Tbilisi. Just a short trip away, our guides will take you to visit the modern day Capital of Georgia, still rich with old world charm. You will be able to discover the historic districts of old Tbilisi through their medieval architecture, and spiritual relics. All while experiencing the natural wonders of the sulfur spring bath-houses, or the ancient town of Gori, carved out of the rocky mountains of the Caucuses. There are also many opportunities to visit the modern day museums of Georgia, and all the history they hold. There are several different packages and guided tours available, to meet all your interests, whatever they may be.


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  • Sulfur spring bath-houses
  • Visit the ancient town of Gori

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