Gyumri Restaurants and Dining

Ani restaurant

Address: Abovyan street 133/2

Telephone: +37494090309

About the Restaurant:

Ani offers an authentic setting with 19th century culture. Listen to Armenian folk music while eating traditional Gyumretsi cuisine at this family friendly restaurant.

Chaikhana restaurant

Address: Gorki street 71

Telephone: +37443350004

About the Restaurant:

Cozy environment and great food.

Chechil Restaurant

Address: Gayi Street 2

Telephone: +37441111420

About the Restaurant:

This restaurant is a great place to go for snacks and delicious food. There is a variety of teas to choose from as well as modern and authentic dishes.

Cherkezi Dzor

Address: Karmir Berd 1st

Telephone: +374312 6 55 59, +37499 011520

About the Restaurant:

Created in 1997 and employing the most up-to-date technology available, the Fish Farm/Cherkezi Dzor specializes in the raising of four types of trout and one type of Siberian sturgeon. The Red Fortress and the valley, where the fish farm is located are historically important. In this restaurant you can catch your own fish which will be prepared in a traditional Armenian clay oven (tonir).


Address: Haghtanaki Avenue 2

Telephone: +37495 501133

About the Restaurant:

European and Russian cuisine in a comfortable, spacious atmosphere. This piano restaurant provides a contemporary setting to indulge your taste buds in – from delicious meals to ice cream and coffee.

Davinci Piero

Address: Sayat Nova 2/20

Telephone: +37493181119

About the Restaurant:

Specializing in Arabic, Italian and Eastern European cuisines, this unique menu will satisfy a range of taste buds. It is a newly opened restaurant located next to Gyumri’s drama theater.

Faeton Restaurant Complex

Address: Haghtanak Avenue 3

Telephone: +37498 102010

About the Restaurant:

Faeton restaurant emphasizes on creating fresh, delicious and healthy food for its customers. With the chefs meticulously prepared dishes, Faeton offers a magnificent range of services for anniversaries, children’s birthdays, parties and other special events.

Florence Restaurant

Address: Shirazi street 5/7

Telephone: +37498 339988

About the Restaurant:

Florence restaurant expresses the diversity of Gyumri’s colors through carefully prepared Italian cuisine. The luxurious atmosphere along with the inviting staff make this a special place to visit.

Food Court 5×5

Address: H. Sargsyan 8/1

Telephone: +37498144455

About the Restaurant:

A fast food court located very close to the central park of Gyumri that offers a large variety of salads and hot food for a good price.

Food Style Court

Address: Peace Circle 4

Telephone: +37493064974

About the Restaurant:

Newly opened restaurant offering both fast food and traditional Armenian cuisine. Delivers to your address as well.

Food Time

Address: Gorku 58\2

Telephone: +37443439999

About the Restaurant:

Food Time offers a variety of pizzas, sandwiches, salads, smoothies, ice creams and sweets for a reasonable price.

Green Canyon restaurant complex

Address: Village Keti, 1st street

Telephone: +37491846443

About the Restaurant:

Green Canyon is located in the norther outskirts of Gyumri. Situated in a picturesque landscape, this restaurant offers a variety of traditional Armenian food in a unique and memorable environment.


Address: Haghtanaki Avenue 2

Telephone: +37493901133

About the Restaurant:

Havlabar is one of the most popular restaurants in the city. It offers traditional Georgian and Armenian cuisine. The carefully prepared food, and ambiance decorated with Georgian art, makes this place an enjoyable experience.

Herbs & Honey Teashop

Address: Rijkov Street 5

Telephone: +37493644645

About the Restaurant:

Herbs & Honey is a tea-shop restaurant conceived to sell and serve healthy products produced by local farmers and small family businesses. Here you can find salads, vegetarian food, local meat food, natural soda, fine local wine and beer, 35 types of blended herbal tea, cakes and other desserts, sandwiches and all natural vegetarian soup, handmade ceramics and embroideries and other crafts produced by locals.

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Address: Rizhkov 4 Str.

Telephone: +374312 2 38 93

About the Restaurant:

Kalinka restaurant is located very close to the Gyumri central square. It offers Armenian, Georgian Russian and European dishes.

Kilikia Fast Food

Address: Garegin Njdeh Avenue 22

Telephone: +37431248878

About the Restaurant:

Kilikia offers traditional Armenian dishes and a big variety of fast food.


Address: 1/5 Garegin Njdeh Avenue

Telephone: +374312 3 03 25

About the Restaurant:

With an internationally inspired menu and a wide array of thirst quenching drinks, Le Cafe will not disappoint! The café brings together family, friends and strangers you have yet to meet! A relaxed open air Café situated in the heart of Gyumri on the sidewalk of a busy avenue is where you will find it.

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Noon Lunch

Address: Alek Manukyan 1

Telephone: +37498565650

About the Restaurant:

A great place to take a lunch break and enjoy eastern cuisine.

Nor Aleppo

Address: Alek Manukyan 1

Telephone: +37455515152

About the Restaurant:

Enjoy the Middle Eastern, Syrian delicious food with friends and family.

NUR Gyumri cafe & restaurant

Address: Rizhkov street 5/6

Telephone: +37494939375

About the Restaurant:

Amazing food and great location.

Old Armenia Restaurant

Address: Abovyan st. 246/1

Telephone: +37477432802

About the Restaurant:

This restaurant has a variety of Armenian and Georgian foods within an authentic and intricately decorated atmosphere. This place will become an unforgettable memory from Gyumri.

Ponchik-Monchik Cafe

Address: Sayat-Nova 7/9 and Abovyan 248/9

Telephone: +37498 665577

About the Restaurant:

This is one of the most loved restaurants by the Gyumretsis. Ponchik Monchik is famous for its chocolate and vanilla sweets, meat and potato pies and soft drinks.

Shara Restaurant

Address: 1/5 Garegin Nzhdeh Ave.

Telephone: +37431235563

About the Restaurant:

Cooking is an art and patience is a virtue! Adding passion for food and love for those you invite to your table, help achieve an artistic combination of these elements. Shara is a friendly and a comfortable restaurant that offers you an exclusive selection of dishes in a charming environment.

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Tashir Pizza

Address: Sayat Nova Str. 2

Telephone: +37431255005

About the Restaurant:

The main strategic points of Tashir Pizza are providing high quality services, tasty and fast food.  Tashir Pizza is located in Gyumri, Yerevan, Vanadzor, Stepanakert and Abovyan.

Yaghli House

Address: Rizhkov street 6/5

Telephone: +374 77 090834

About the Restaurant:

Yaghli House features a delicious selection of pizzas and pasta specialties. Enjoy a comfortable ambiance for a rendezvous with friends with a full selection of beverages.

Zemlyanka Restaurant

Address: Mother Armenia statue area

Telephone: +37498436543

About the Restaurant:

Underground restaurant with unique and delicious cuisine.