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SOLO Beauty salon


Rizhkov Street 3/1

Telephone: 0312 5 39 88

Hair, nail and skin care salon in downtown of Gyumri.

Cardinal Gold, Silver, Souvenir Store

Address: Sayat Nova Str. 5

Telephone: 0312 5 33 20

Red Velvet Bakery

Address: Sayat Nova 2

Telephone: +37494536532

Red Velvet Bakery offers a large variety of Armenian traditional pastries. Visit the shop located on Sayat Nova street or order over the phone.


Address: Ghukasyan 56 Str.

Inspired from the colors of the Armenian pomegranate, the artist that created these traditional art works show the rich colors of the national fruit. Most of the gifts symbolize prosperity and are meant to bring luck into a home. Contact the store to view the full collection of the artwork.

Souvenir shop

Address: Rizhkov street

Visit this shop to discover the best souvenir collection, created by Gyumri masters.

Proshyan Brandy Factory Specialized Store

Address: Gorki 48/1

Telephone: 0312 3 25 90

Art Works

Address: Rizhkov Str.

Telephone: 0312 5 10 77

Gift City

Address: Peace Circle 4

Telephone: 0312 5 01 02

Hot Bread bakery

Address: Gorky 22

The freshest baked bread right in the heart of the historic center of Gyumri.

Antica Souvenir Store

Address: Gorki 76

Telephone: 0312 5 28 52

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